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Fanling Centre Shopping Arcade, adjacent to the Fanling MTR Station, is not only the hub of the Fanling district, but also a one-stop destination for everyone in the neighbourhood and cross-border shoppers from Shenzhen.
The over 150,000 sq. ft. arcade houses a large variety of tenants from fashion, gifts and accessories, beauty and personal care to a supermarket, restaurants, education and amusement centres, catering to the needs of every age group.
Near to
Fanling MTR Station
Shopping Mall
Over 150,000
Square ft.
Adjacent to
Ports to Shenzhen
Dazzling delicacies
Shopping Center
Well Dinning
Fanling Center offers diverse shopping options with trendy boutiques, exquisite shops, and a variety of dining establishments. Enjoy promotions and discounts while indulging in shopping and delicious cuisine.
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Getting to Mall

Fanling Centre Shopping Arcade is adjacent to the MTR Fanling Station and the bus terminus via footbridges. With the convenience of ample parking spaces, it has naturally become the favourite locale among the residents in the northern district.